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Who we are
Boy and carmen
Forget Me Not Farm -

Offers animal-assisted and horticultural therapeutic interventions, to help children who are victims of abuse and neglect heal from trauma. Working in partnership with a consortium of nine child welfare agencies throughout Sonoma County, the Farm program teaches children with diagnoses such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and Attachment Disorder how to value and care for living beings, develop respect for all life forms, and create a compassionate way of behaving and relating to others that is the antithesis of their violent experience. A model of community collaboration, the therapeutic value of Forget Me Not Farm has been recognized by special education teachers, social workers, counseling professionals, residential care providers, and the medical profession.

Forget Me Not Farm Foster Youth Mentoring – We’ve created a second tiered program for successful graduates from our farm. Teens have the opportunity to learn real-life skills within the animal care industry. Working with a volunteer mentor, foster youth can obtain experience working with animals and plants, gaining employable skills with vocational resources such as a veterinary hospital, animal adoption program, and a sanctuary farm.

Animal Adventure and Education Camp –
A week-long day camp learning about compassion, responsibility, safety and care of animals from knowledgeable animal experts. Children ages 7 – 12 will discover why animals are such an important part of our lives.